1. Jim has received an award from the king of Sweden; The Global Bangemann Challenge award for work related to web accessibility.
  2. Has American Indian blood in him – as a result of a 19th century marriage between an Irish booth boxer and a touring Cowboys and Indians show.
  3. Was a finalist in the UK wide ‘Grolsch live wire’ songwriting content.
  4. Worked for a time as a statistics and research methods lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University.
  5. Worked as a computer programmer from 1979 until 1982 with a business called Computrav; programming ‘mini’ computers which used 12″ circular storage discs that screwed in to a large cabinet.
  6. Co-wrote a song with Marti Pellow of Wet Wet Wet. Marti Pellow who grew up in the same town (Clydebank) and is related through his mothers sister. Has also co-wrote a song with the Jazz singer Carol Kidd MBE.
  7. Runs a web design and development business aimed at the Voluntary, public and education sector and is a specialist in accessible web design.
  8. Played guitar in the Psychadelic rock band, The Primevals.
  9. Attended Glasgow School of Art as a teenager after winning an art contest in the Glasgow Herald.
  10. Is a published author of technical books and web accessibility guides (author/editor of the current Scottish Accessible Information Forum Accessible website design guide).