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Added on Monday 6 Sep 2010

New album, Every Day is Sunshine now available: website shop, iTunes and CD Baby

Q Magazine

The blend of Celtic Folk, Americana and his own Cherokee/Irish blood make for a heady and exotic mix that belies his cowpunk past.

The Daily Record

A beautifully produced collection of Americana that includes Down By The Wildwood, the lyrics by Jazz singer Carol Kidd MBE, and recent charity single Can't Catch the Butterfly. Johny Dingwall, The Daily Record newspaper. Four Stars


‎.. there's a richer sepia toned Americana feel to 'Black Sky Blues' and 'Don't go pissin' in the wind', while 'Down by the Wildwood' brings to mind the poetic doom of Leonard Cohen. Byrne's lyrics are full of cinematic turns of phrase, dressed up in alluring melodies delivered by some of the most respected players on the modern-day Celtic Folk scene. Terry Staunton, UNCUT


"Every Day Is a Sunshine" is best described as an album that sneaks up on you so it is ready just when you need it. Feeling blue? Try the sunshine and Americana in "Tell Me You Love Me Again" and you'll soon be smiling. Need some subtle syncopation? "Down By The Wildwood" fits that bill (and enjoy the tasteful contribution of Kurt Baumer's gypsy flavoured fiddle while you are at it). Fancy some a full on folk meets country hoe down? The curiously named "Beneath These Scottish Skies" was made just for you.

So there you have it - an album that will make many people happy without ever appearing to be trying to do just that. When you think about it, that's quite a cunning plan and I - grudgingly - have to admit that I liked this album. Four Carrots

Folk,Blues and Beyond website

Glasgow singer/songwriter Jim Byrne follows up his debut release, "On These Dark Nights" with this eclectic collection of ten beautiful, atmospheric songs influenced by American, English and Celtic folk, country and pre-war blues music.

A slower American based finger picking combined with a British/Celtic sound. Some very different production techniques used on a few songs but still well worth a listen. Byrne really shows his guitar playing on "Don't go pissin in the wind", a true gem of the album.

Look out for this CD.

`Every Day Is Sunshine' is a coherent album that makes you want to hear more. And now, we just have to wait for the singer-songwriter to visit Belgium to see him perform the work live.

Adam Levy (Solo songwriter/artist, guitarist with Nora Jones and Tracey Chapman).

"Great record. With the steady, laid-back acoustic guitar strums that open 'It's Raining Outside' - the lead track on Jim Byrne's "Every Day Is Sunshine" - Byrne lets us know that he's a storyteller who's willing to take his time. The song is a portrait, painted line by line, of a hapless writer caught in a rainy day. Byrne ultimately cautions the writer (himself, perhaps): 'You're gonna need a coat, not a metaphor.'

Such sure delivery takes confidence and patience, and Glasgow-based Byrne displays both in ample measure throughout "Every Day Is Sunshine." The moods here range from genuine sweetness ('Tell Me You Love Me Again') to youthful wonder ('You Can't the Butterfly') to street-smart wisdom ('Pissin' in the Wind') to gypsy romance ('Down by the Wildwood').

The instrumental arrangements are well matched to each song's emotional climate, with acoustic timbres (steel-string guitars, Dobro, double bass, and occasional fiddle) prevailing. Even as moods shift and seasons change, all the songs on 'It's Raining Outside' feel of a piece and of a moment.

Byrne's singularly straightforward lyrics and appealingly unaffected vocal style tie the strands together and make this album a complete, compelling listen. " Adam Levy

Eilidh Patterson (Folk/Americana singer songwriter from Ireland and vocalist with Beth Nielsen Chapman)

'Every Day Is Sunshine' is a fresh, original album encompassing various strands of roots music from the Spanish-influenced gypsy folk song Down In The Wildwood to the exquisitely tender Can't Catch The Butterfly to the foot-stomping Black Sky Blues. There's even an upbeat 'come one, come all' bluegrass number in there for good measure. Seamlessly knitting all these songs and styles together are Jim's warm, deep, resonant voice and his immaculately crisp guitar accompaniment. This is no more evident than in the playful, upbeat love song Tell Me You Love Me Again - a personal favourite of mine!" Eilidh Patterson

Sabine (music photographer):

Have to tell you: YOUR NEW ALBUM IS GREAT!!! I've listened a lot the last days. The versatility is fantastic and I was surprised by "Black sky blues" which make it to my favorite song (for now). And I love "pissin' in the wind". Well, you can always get me with blues. The violin at "You don't know" breaks my heart. All in All a complete great album...won't leave my player!"

Every Day is Sunshine now available: website shop, iTunes and CD Baby

Dave Arcari (Blues guitarist and songwriter):

JIM BYRNE's latest release Every Day is Sunshine popped through the letterbox the other day. Byrne's second album is made up of ten original tracks most of which are co-writes with Pat Byrne, one with Carol Kidd and a couple written on his own.

Having only heard Byrne solo before, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him ably joined by a bunch of other performers and contributors who help create a nicely produced and consistent yet varying collection of roots/Americana tracks.

For me, though, it's the sparser tracks like You Don't Know and Tell Me You Love Me Again that really showcase Byrne's considerable guitar-picking talents and writing skills.

On some tracks like Black Sky Blues Byrne plays everything himself - some fine slide guitar is credited to Dexter Slim who, I suspect, isn't a mysterious skinny guy from the backwoods but Byrne himself operating under a pseudonym.

Closing track Beneath These Scottish Skies is a crackin' wee bluegrass party in itself and hints at some of Byrne's past country punk activities.

This is a classy album in every way and should easily bring Byrne the wider recognition he deserves.

Chris Sheehan (Singer songwriter)

Jim has a rumbling voice that has, like most things from north of the border, a weatheredness and a kindness in equal measure. He sounds like he's gonna take the rap for you.

It feels as though he has made this record for himself - music is best that way. If there's an audience to love it - great - but make it for yourself first. In a world of anaemic pop where the acts and moguls admit they don't even listen to their own music - this is a welcome feel.

The album has a great balance of foot stamping stompers (my favourite being 'Black Sky Blues') and honest acoustic modern folkery - the most notable for me being Tell Me You Love Me Again - which does what all good songs do: says something painlessly simple and honest in a time honoured way, yet it feels as though it belongs only to him. "no big time dramatics, no fancy serenades/ don't need no bubbles in my lemonade/ just gimme your heart and music will be made/ Tell me you love me again." That sums it all up pretty well...

Linda Harnett.

'Every Day is Sunshine' is Jim Byrne's latest album of songs that take you on a journey of musical genius and genres.... The opening track "It's Raining Outside" is strangely melancholic yet upbeat reminiscent of my tender years spent languishing in the music and verse of the great Leonard Cohen.

The album is a fine collection ranging from gentle romantic ballads through the passion of Latino dance, utilised in 'Down By The Wildwood', with the then entertained by foot stompin' blue grass, bluesy guitars, and melodic Americana...

Jim is an accomplished songwriter who has pulled together the cream of musical talent to lend their expertise to this album. I suspect I will be playing this for a very long time and wish Jim every success... it is well deserved.

New album, Every Day is Sunshine now available: website shop, iTunes and CD Baby

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What the critics said about 'Every day is sunshine' by Jim Byrne.

  • "a heady and exotic mix. " Q Magazine.
  • "..full of cinematic turns of phrase, dressed up in alluring melodies delivered by some of the most respected players on the modern-day Celtic Folk scene." UNCUT
  • Album of the week on Celtic Music Radio
  • Added to 'God's Jukebox' on Radio Two Mark Lamarr show
  • "A beautifully produced collection of Americana" The Daily Record. Four Stars
  • "Great record... a complete, compelling listen. ", Adam Levy (Songwriter/artist, guitarist with Nora Jones)
  • "ten beautiful, atmospheric songs..", Folk, Blues and beyond
  • "a fresh, original album", Eilidh Patterson (singer songwriter, vocalist with Beth Nielsen Chapman)
  • Sounding like Johnny Cash never left Folsom prison...meditations on life that'll soon sound like old friends. Spiral Earth

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