On these dark nights reviewed on Spiral Earth website

Added on Monday 9 Feb 2009

Photo: Spiral Earth On these dark nights CD review. Whayhay! my album has been given a good review on the Spiral Earth website (The online hub for UK folk and roots music)

It's clear that the reviewer has spent some time listening to the songs; as they have cottoned on to the feel I was after when I recorded the album; authentic, acoustic music inspired by traditional blues and folk songs.

Jim's shuffling guitar patterns can seem simplistic, however, they are the product of thirty years of callous building practice. The honed woody sound is alive with history and is the perfect vehicle for his deeply resonant voice.

The opener 'The Handle's Broken On My Cup' has wisps of lead guitar that soothe the pace still further. It gives maximum space for the songs languid prose: 'And on the days, the days that lie ahead, I will try to mend this broken thread'. It's an hypnotic effect, showing off Jim's sharp attention to detail, and sets the scene for these stories of softly spoken love. Spiral Earth

Thanks to Spiral Earth - for the positive review. :-)

Gigs at Liquid Ship and Gramafon

As usual I've been doing lots of gigs - and recently had a great night playing in the Liquid Ship with Brawth and Patrick Bullen. The place was packed and it was one of those nights when the atmosphere was just great. Brawth and Patrick both played blinding sets. As favourite gigs go, for me, it was only second to my album launch night (I was on a high that night).

The following night I played with Patrick and Chris Blair (I'm a fan of Chris and his music) at the Gramafon. It was another good night - though much more intimate. Patrick sang a song with Vivien Scotson - one they wrote together; it sounded great, I think they have a big future as a duo. (Vivien also appears on my album with the song we wrote in Italy with Madelaine Hart. In my humble opinion, Vivien Scotson is a truly great singer and songwriter).

Mary Kathleen Burke show on Celtic Music Radio

Other good news includes being invited as a guest on the Mary Kathleen Burke Show on Celtic Music Radio. The show is on between 7 and 9 on the 22nd February - and you can listen to it via the Internet or on 1530AM.

Listen in and send in your emails to the show while it is on, via the email address [email protected] I'll will appreciate hearing from you; otherwise I might sound like Jimmy no mates when I'm on the radio.

Gigs in the pipeline

Pat's been doing lots of work getting me gigs; including my first gig in London, which will see me opening for Southern Tenant Folk Union, at 'What's Cookin' - Upstairs at The Sheepwalk, 692 High Road, Leytonstone, London. Other gigs of note include, The Moniaive Marquee Club with Dave Burland and the 2009 Lomond Folk Festival. Check my myspace for dates and times of these and other future gigs.

Thanks Pat for all your support - I wouldn't be doing anything with my music without it.

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