Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Open Stage gig and CD review

Added on Thursday 29 Jan 2009

On Tuesday I played at the Danny Kyle Open Stage as part of Celtic Connections; probably my biggest crowd since going down the solo performer route. I would estimate - that there was about 300 people there?

I had been a bit worried/nervous about it before-hand; but it seemed to go well - if I say so myself. I was particularly apprehensive as - apart from having a croaky throat from having a cold - I had to follow a 9 piece band - who brought their own very loud support with them. They were called Yuptae - they were a very good young band playing Scottish traditional music - with a few quirky twists in their arrangements. They deserved their loud cheers, as they were excellent.

I was trying to think how I could follow such as big band; so I explained that I was actually the 10th member of Yuptae - but there just hadn't been enough space for me on the stage. My remark got a laugh (luckily) so I felt fairly relaxed from the start - and the songs and my banter seemed to go down well. I finished with my old-time country song, Daddy's Car - and encouraged the audience to sing along - which they did willingly and beautifully.

I had friendly support in the audience from Pat, my mum and dad and a friend of my mums (who's name escapes me) - and also Graham MacIntosh who played guitar on my CD.

Thanks to the organisers of the Open Stage for inviting me to play - it was one of the highlights of my short solo career so far.

Later that evening we all took a trip to Dows and I also played a couple of songs as part of the Glasgow Songwriters Festival. I played a new song called 'Time to let your troubles fade away' and the slow country song 'Tenderness'; though I was mentally exhausted by that time and went blank on some of the words at the end of Tenderness. It was good night nonetheless - as it was good to hear the songs from the other performers.

Bluesbunny review of On these dark nights CD

Via google - while searching for something else - I came across a review of my album, 'On these dark nights' by The Bluesbunny. I did send a copy so hoped that he would give it a listen - but wasn't aware he had published a review.

I get the impression - he liked it - even though he didn't want to like it.

"A lot better than I had anticipated, this album will be enjoyed by those who appreciate a bit of subtlety. Whilst there is nothing to offend here (a fact not entirely unrelated to the somewhat old fashioned feel of the album), that is not to say that this is a boring album. It actually leaves you feeling all warm and fluffy and it is undeniably easy to listen to." The Bluesbunny

I'll take that as a positive. Thanks for the review Bluesbunny.

I also gave my accountant a copy of recently - and got a similar, 'better than expected' comment,

"I am now back in the office having listened to your CD on the way back. I will be honest and say that I wasn’t sure that I would like it but actually I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and even found myself humming along!" Isabella B Christie FCCA IBC Accountancy

I'll be marketing my CD to accountants everywhere from now on. :-)

All the best, Jim

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