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Added on Friday 9 Jan 2009

Lovely review of my CD from Helen McCookerybook

Helen McCookerybook - who I saw playing with Martin Stephenson a few weeks ago - is a strickingly talented songwriter. So I am particularly happy that she took the time to review my new CD,

"I have been listening to Jim Byrne's CD, On These Dark Nights and have been enjoying his guitar pickin', especially on the track Weather Girl, which has a sparkly old-timey feel. I also particularly like the countryish Tenderness, but the best track (I'm a sucker for the catchy ones) is Sunday Morning,which has a strong riff and a singalong chorus, and a dark little twist to the lyrics. " Helen McCookerybook blog

Gigs, gigs,gigs

On new years day I played at the Ettrick in Old Kilpatrick - to a crowd of New Year revellers - all in a good mood and all in party mode. Old Kilparick is of course Pat's home village - so it was a night of familiar faces, hugs, kisses and big smiles. I have a little history of my own connected to Old Kilpatrick - as it was during my years as a member of Dexter Slim and the Pickups (in the late 80s I think) that we traveled over to - and played at - the Letterkenny Music Festival. It was part of a mini-tour organised by Pat - and we travelled there - with what seemed like half the village in support. It was one of those adventures that those 'from the village' still talk about - with misty eyed affection for the good times.

While I was playing at the Ettrick I got joined by Jamie (sorry can't remember his surname) on Jemba drum drum and two other percussionists, one playing a Boran and another on the tamborine. It was a good fun set with a bit of banter between myself, the percussionists and the crowd.

Th following evening I played at the Liquid Ship - New Year Hoolay - with Hercules Mandarin and Patrick Bullen. I tried a couple of new songs; one of them still needs a bit of work - the other though went down well. Again it was an enjoyable evening; thanks to Ann, Chris and Jack and Maureen Maille (over from Nimes in France for a visit) for coming along to support me. And thanks for Dochan for putting on the gig.

On Sunday afternoon we went along to see Jim King and Mary Kathleen Burke at the Sunday afternoon acoustic session in Jinty McGinty's (Ruthven Land off Byres Road). Jim King is an an experienced performer who knows how to entertains with his collection of good songs and lovely folk influenced guitar playing.

It was the first time I'd seen Mary; she is a great singer with a rich Irish folk voice. I predict big things for her in the future. I found out later that I'll be on the same bill at the The Butterfly and Pig (Bath Street, Glasgow) on the 11th of this month (this Sunday) I urge you to come along; you won't be disappointed.

The other gig I did recently was at the Paisley Arts on Tuesday night. There wasn't a big crowd but it turned out to be a good night non-the-less as those who were there were determined to enjoy themselves. :-)

I've been doing more work on my website - in particular adding content exclusively for people who have taken the time to register for my Acoustic Adventures newsletter. Subscribers can download custom ring-tones (The holiday song, Daddy's car, Come dance with me and On these dark nights) and a specially designed lyric sheet. Register for my newsletter if that sounds like it appeals to you.

Tonight (Friday) I'll be playing indie rock with Loris; this will be our last gig for a while (or ever) - so come along to Nice 'n' Sleazy on Sauchihall Street if you want to catch the band before we are history. Loris gigs are always good fun - so I'm looking forward to getting on stage with my electric guitar and swinging my arm around a lot. We've only had three rehearsals for this gig - so I predict it will be loose - and seat of the pants stuff; which makes it more entertaining for those watching.

All the best, Jim

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