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The Innocent


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The Innocent. Songwriting influenced by early 20th century American music. Jim's deep craggy voice features: a hypnotic mix of old-time crooner, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and phrasing that at times evokes Leonard Cohen.

The Innocent Playlist

"Congratulations Jim on a wonderful album The Innocent - having a wee listen now and am very touched by your sincerity throughout the album, Loving all the songs but really like Sand in our Shoes (loving your guitar playing too Jim) The more I play it, the more I'm enjoying it Jim, well done again for this musical masterpiece." Bernie Devlin

The Bluesbunny gives The Innocent four carrots "The Innocent is his best album to date...."

"A huge thank you to Mr Jim Byrne, recieved the album yesterday....Its superb beyond words!!!!!!! Alan Grant

"And after just 2 plays, a highly recommended album it is too." Mike Morrison of

"Congratulations on your wonderful new album, Jim. Some lovely, chilled out ambient sounds on it, it contains your best songs yet." Ciaran Dorris Celtic Music Radio

Your cd is brilliant! sounds really great your voice is amazing ! People will love this album:) Steven Leonard

"I love 'Sand in our Shoes'... it's beautiful..." Linda Harnett

"Just listened to the new album, sounds fantastic. Deffo your best" Robert Ruthven of the Creeping Charlies

"Congradulations on the new CD Jim!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing! "Helen St Helen

"I can thoroughly recommend this fabulous album - it's real chill-out music that gets right under your skin! Love it!! " Jane Fairnie

"Now and again though, an amazing new album from a guitar-based band will cross my radar, and I'm hooked. You will be too. Think of the gentler moments of Tom Waits crossed with Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan and you'll get a rough idea of his sound." Blair Millen in The Letter

I can't get them out of my head. I think the whole CD is terrific - such a range of vocal and instrumental talent. The vocal backing is subtle and gentle, and the lyrics smooth and clean. I love the sharpness of the 'knife' on track 2! You've got a great voice, Jim and such a range, smooth yet at times gravelly! The variety of instruments is amazing, and I really go for Peter Byrne's whistling on track 10! Moira Laws

"Love your new album Jim - I thought is your sound 'Laid back soul blues'" Pauline Keightley Music Photography and Reviews

"I'm absolutely loving this, Jim - (Sweeter than a Rose is a) great song!" Duncan McCrone

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Every day is sunshine



Every Day is Sunshine by Jim Byrne. (Oct 2010).

All full length CD's are only 4.95.

Jim Byrne follows up his debut release, "On These Dark Nights" with this eclectic collection of ten beautiful, atmospheric songs influenced by Americana, English and Celtic folk, country and pre-war blues music.

"The blend of Celtic Folk, Americana and his own Cherokee/Irish blood make for a heady and exotic mix. " Q Magazine.

"..full of cinematic turns of phrase, dressed up in alluring melodies delivered by some of the most respected players on the modern-day Celtic Folk scene." UNCUT

"A beautifully produced collection of Americana that includes Down By The Wildwood, the lyrics by Jazz singer Carol Kidd MBE, and recent charity single Can't Catch the Butterfly." The Daily Record newspaper. Four Stars

" album that will make many people happy without ever appearing to be trying to do just that." The Bluesbunny Four Carrots

"Great record... a complete, compelling listen. ", Adam Levy (Songwriter/artist, guitarist with Nora Jones and Tracey Chapman)

"Have to tell you: YOUR NEW ALBUM IS GREAT!!! The violin at "You don't know" breaks my heart. All in All a complete great album...won't leave my player!", Sabine (music photographer)

"ten beautiful, atmospheric songs..", Folk, Blues and beyond

"a fresh, original album", Eilidh Patterson (singer songwriter and vocalist with Beth Nielsen Chapman)

"should easily bring Byrne the wider recognition he deserves", Dave Arcari (Blues guitarist and songwriter)

..on Black Sky Blues sounding like Johnny Cash never left Folsom prison...meditations on life that'll soon sound like old friends. Spiral Earth


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Can't catch the Butterfly - single



Can't catch the Butterfly

All profits from the single go towards The Butterfly Action Project; to raise awareness and funds to prevent, or reduce, the number of lives lost off the Erskine Bridge

Written by Jim Byrne and Pat Byrne with Old Kilpatrick locals Johnny Russel, Sharon Campbell sing on the recording along with Glasgow singer songwriter Dinny.


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On these dark nights


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The debut album by Jim Byrne

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"On These Dark Nights is a beautiful album." The Letter

"The honed woody sound is alive with history and is the perfect vehicle for his deeply resonant voice." Spiral Earth roots music magazine

Includes contributions by Mick West, (nominated for the award of Scottish Traditional Singer 2008), Geoff Martyn, Peter Byrne and Robert Ruthven.

Only 2 copies left

Price: 4.95
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