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On these dark nights  
On these dark nights

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  • The Handle's broken on my cup
  • Come dance with me
  • My Weather Girl
  • On these dark nights
  • As we step upon this stage
  • The Holiday Song
  • Sunday Morning
  • Tenderness
  • Daddy's car

On These Dark Nights is a beautiful album.
The Letter

"Jim's shuffling guitar patterns can seem simplistic, however, they are the product of thirty years of callous building practice. The honed woody sound is alive with history and is the perfect vehicle for his deeply resonant voice.

The opener 'The Handle's Broken On My Cup' has wisps of lead guitar that soothe the pace still further. It gives maximum space for the songs languid prose: 'And on the days, the days that lie ahead, I will try to mend this broken thread'. It's an hypnotic effect, showing off Jim's sharp attention to detail, and sets the scene for these stories of softly spoken love." Spiral Earth

...a truly inspirational collection of memorable melodies, 'the handles broken on my cup' being the most difficult to shake off, when other things require your attention!
Michael Hart

"Your CD has been played a lot in our house: it's fantastic!

One of my favourite albums this year!

I like it very much: fine guitar playing, a sympathetic voice and good tunes. it makes us feel good, my wife and I."
Jan Byker

"The gig last night was wonderful. We are listening to the CD this morning over breakfast. Fab voice. Love the words."
Basia Palka

"Said it before, say it again, the songs and geetaring are great"
Gill Maxwell

"Jim's ballads are a blend of the familiar and the romantic. Tunes from the heart which you catch yourself singing (in my case in the shower only)"
Issi Wilson

"I have been listening to Jim's new album over the weekend and I think it is fantastic."
Dougie Wilkinson Clannan An Drumma

"..your lyrics are thought provoking and your guitar progressions are envied by me. Holiday song just a great song...love the guitar in that one. love the cd, keep the songs coming."
Millie McTernan

I have been listening to Jim Byrne's CD, On These Dark Nights and have been enjoying his guitar pickin', especially on the track Weather Girl, which has a sparkly old-timey feel. I also particularly like the countryish Tenderness, but the best track (I'm a sucker for the catchy ones) is Sunday Morning,which has a strong riff and a singalong chorus, and a dark little twist to the lyrics.
Helen McCookerybook

Your album is beautiful!

The production is really good on it. Perfect for a dark night with a good ale or two. The guitar especially sounds excellent : really enjoy the picking technique. I think either the title track or "The Secrets You're Keeping" must be my favourite...
Andy from The Sweet Jane's

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