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Ireland, Cafe gig and Martin Stephenson

Last week we took a trip over to Ireland - where we visited many of Pat's relatives (in and around Buncrana) - and did some work in anticipation of future gigs on the Emerald Isle.

I only did the one gig while there which I'll admit was a strange one; I played in a the Halo Cafe in Derry. I sang and played without any amplification while everyone tucked into their lunch. I was a little self-conscious to start with (tried to ease my way out of it, if the truth be told) - perched on a stool performing songs unannounced - to an audience who clearly weren't expecting a 'floor show'.

However, a few people came up to me to say they enjoyed the music, which was nice of them. It was strange but worthwhile - as it may lead to gigs in the future; the Halo Cafe is known as a music venue and puts on some well-known acts.

I also met up with Chris Ward who is a regular on the local gig circuit. Chris is a multi-instrumentalist and fine songwriter; we quickly felt comfortable chatting and playing together - and I look forward to doing some gigs with Chris in the future.

On these dark nights CD

Talking of my CD (which I wasn't, but am now), I now have to turn my attention to marketing it and trying to sell a few copies. I've sent the required number of copies - and completed all the other bits and pieces they needed completed; so my promotional page is now live:

Distributing my CD via CDbaby also means it will be available on iTunes - just as soon they complete whatever it is they need to do at their end. I like the idea of being available on iTunes - it sounds good to me.

I've also been doing a bit of work on my website - adding information about the CD and information aimed at publications who might want to write about it (I've got to be optimistic). I have also added some great quotes from people who have bought the album and said nice things about it. Thanks very much to Jan Byker, Basia Palka, Gill Maxwell and Issi Wilson . :-)

Martin Stephenson Gig

A highlight from last week was going to the Martin Stephenson and the Daintees gig. Martin is a fantastic performer - a born entertainer - and a mega talented individual. It was a great night - made even better by sets from The Moonshiners (a great bluegrass band) and Helen McCookerybook - both class acts.

Thinking ahead I've got two new songs that I expect will appear on the next album; The 'Ghosts of the past' and 'You say every day is sunshine'. I'll probably record them on my home studio in the next few weeks - with the aim of arranging more professional recordings in the New Year.

A happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone. Hope to see you in 2009.

All the best,

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