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Monday 27 Jul 2015

Gigs: Southside Sessions and Bearpit Brothers EP launch

Gigs with Jim B

I've got a couple of gigs coming up in the new few weeks; a solo gig as part of the Southside Sessions and a launch gig to for the new Bearpit Brothers EP.

I'll be playing at the Southside Sessions on 6th August:

Sweeney's On The Park
962 Pollokshaws Road,
G41 2ET

Entry is free and it starts at 8.30pm.
Also on the bill will be Kevin Campbell, Jodie Waite and Tom Snowball.

Bearpit Brothers EP Launch

Bearpit Brothers launch their second EP, 'Something Cruel' in the Glad Cafe on 22nd of August.

"Although heavily influenced by early 60s 'beat' sounds they are a 'thoroughly modern' group - with a literate, quirky approach. Think early Beatles having a fight with Richard Hawley. "

"exquisite guitar duelings with twang and reverb battling away." Blabber 'n' Smoke.

"A rare chance to see the hugely entertaining Bearpit Brothers perform live, simply not to be missed."

Support will be from the super talented singer songwriter Ryan Morcombe and poet Stephen Watt.

Tickets at Brown Paper Tickts or at the door on the night:

I hope to see you at one of these gigs or both. :-)


Saturday 17 Jan 2015

11 simple songwriting tips

1. Play lots of cover versions including lots of blues based songs. Learn the catalogue of songs from your favourite band. It's teaches you lots; tension and resolution, chords and chord structures, common chord patterns, common song structures.

Learning other peoples songs is learning the language and vocabulary of songwriting. You can learn songwriting structure from books - and that might help - but for me - and I suspect for you - playing songs as enjoyment is the best way.

"..most of our act were covers - we did millions of them.." Paul McCartney on the Jonathan Ross Show

2. Try to let your subconscious write the song: songwriting - certainly at the start of the process - is not a technical exercise; songs are not poetry written to a strict meter; not mathematics; not a puzzle that requires brain power to solve.

So don't think; just get out of the way; it wants to be written - catch it rather than writing it. It's not a logical process - it's a creative process; you already have all the tools you need.

"How does a person create a song? A lot of it is being open... to encounter and to... be in touch with the miraculous." Joni Mitchell

3. How do you come up with melodies? Hum tunes or make nonesense words while playing along with chords or find melodies on the notes of those chords.

'Can you hum?' was what Lionel Richie was told after asking the in-house songwriters how to write songs..

4. Write so often that it becomes a habit. Expect to write a huge amount of really crap songs. You will need to write those bad songs to get to the good ones. The more songs you write the quicker you will recognise the good and the bad. The more you write, the more you will write.

5. Inspiration produces a new song, craft is needed to finish it.

6. When you have an idea - write down absolutely everything related to it. It can really help if you are struggling to write the words for your song. This is also a great technique if you are writing collaboratively - it creates room for everyone to contribute their thoughts.

7. Recognise that most songs are made up of repeated blocks of chords. 2 chords repeated, 3 chords repeated, 4 chords repeated. If you stumble on a chord pattern you play those chords in different orders, different lengths.

8. Learn your instrument - play different styles, different instruments, different keys.

9. Review your song until it's right: get rid of cliche, get rid of verses that say the same thing. Get rid of words that don't sound good when you sing them. Listen to the how the song develops; does it stay interesting all the way through - does it develop dynamically?

10. Play your songs to people and in different environments. Overcome the fear of people not liking your songs; play them soon after you write them; you will get a sense of whether or not they are good. Record your songs and listen back with a critical ear - don't be afraid to throw away verses, change the order of verses, change the structure; experiment.

11. Ask yourself, Is there magic in this song I'm writing? A song is not words, a song is not music, a song is not just words and music.

Monday 8 Dec 2014

Christmas single by Jim Byrne: For we are born.. released on 10th Decemer

Christmas single: For we are born..

Photo: For we are born...I have a Christmas single coming out on the 10th of December; it's a rootsy/folk/pop based sound and features the backing vocals of the traditional folk singers The Linties. The song is a bit unusual (not Slade) but it's got that 'winter time' feel and I think it's a cracker. Morag, Iyaah and Stuart of the Linties and my brother Peter - provide backing vocals. The vocals were recorded at Newbattle Abbey (built in the 11th century) which in itself makes it quite special.

Buy 'For we are born..' on CDBaby from the 10th December.

Also available from my Bandcamp page - For we are born...

Tuesday 14 Jan 2014

Solo Gig at The Roxy, Bearpit Brothers EP available now

Solo Gig: Roxi, 25th January
I'm playing on the 25th of this month as 'special guest' of Martin Stephenson and Scott MacDonald in the Roxy, Great Western Road, Glasgow. It all kicks off at 8pm.

I can't wait to strap my guitar on and play some finger-pickin' acoustic music again. It's all go - for some new songs, some old songs and maybe even the odd cover song.

Also on the bill The Optimystics. With this line-up it's a guaranteed night of great entertainment.

Bearpit Brothers
ExBearpit Brothers Music EPciting times for Bearpit Brothers; gigs, radio interviews and great reviews. :-)

The EP launch night at the Glad Cafe was fantastic; a great mix of poetry (Aidan MacEoin), prose (Elaine Reid) and music. The music of course came from the Bearpit Brothers; we played the songs from the CD plus a couple of new songs and when the crowd called for more - we played an old Dexter Slim and the Pickups song (Facial Scar) as an encore.

We also launched the Bearpit Brothers first video for the song Burden of your cross - produced and directed by Sticklebacks

Bearpit Brothers, Burden of your cross video

It’s a brilliant EP - you really need to get yourself a copy.

It is now available online at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Bearpit Brothers website and more or less everywhere online that sell top quality music.

Also available in the Independent Record stores ‘Love Music’, 34 Dundas St, Glasgow and Big Sparra Vinyl 29, Burns statue square Ayr.

The EP has had lots of great reviews including:

"Burden Of Your Cross swings as a gospel influenced lyric is garlanded with some exquisite guitar duelings with twang and reverb battling away, a wonderful song." Blabber 'n' Smoke - A Glasgow view of Americana

"the cd is epic btw!" Corrina Cola

"So meet The Bearpit Brothers and their new 4-track EP – timeless and magic-full!" Oldies Music Blog

'exquisitely-crafted debut EP. Four compelling and original songs, showcase understated vocal and shimmering instrumental skills, to break new ground -- while neatly homaging past musical masters. - Colin MacDonald of Folkal Point, Folkal Point, Celtic Music Radio.

Go buy it: iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Bearpit Brothers website.

New solo album in the works
It’s not all been Bearpit Brothers though as I’m still recording new songs for my next solo CD. I’m not sure when it will be out but I feel confident that it will be this year. :-)

All the best,

Tuesday 20 Aug 2013

Gig on Thursday evening Cotton Candy Music Club at The Dram, Woodlands Road, Glasgow

I'm playing a gig on Thursday (22nd August) at The Cotton Candy Music Club, in The Dram on Woodlands Road, Glasgow.

I'll be on the bill with Mark Copeland, Diane Jardine and Safetynett Flett. Big talents - I'm already a fan. More info.

Bearpit Brothers get ready to bite

I've been a bit quiet on the gig front for a while but I'm still busy making music; primarily working with Robert and Lawrence on the soon to be released Bearpit Brothers EP.

Here's a date for your diary; we will be launching The Bearpit Bothers EP on November 23rd at the Glad Cafe in the South Side of Glasgow. We're awfy bleedin' exicted about it. - and we're not planning a conventional gig; so if we manage to pull it off - it should be something a bit different to come along to.

About that gig

Hope to see you on Thursday if you can make it.

All the best, Jim

Sunday 10 Feb 2013

Collaboration, Songwriting and Remixing

Lots of interesting projects going on at the moment; collaborations with people more talented than myself, new songs getting written and old songs getting remixed (free downloads at foot of this page).

* I'm working with Robert Ruthven and Lawrence Alexander on our 'Bearpit Brothers' project. It's been slow but we are getting there. Two songs are more or less finished, another is being recorded right now and there is yet another that Robert is working on an arrangement for. Every one of them sounds great to me. I think you'll really love them. If you can imagine a mix of 1950's Rock n Roll, and Roy Orbison 60's Pop you'll not be that far away.

* I recently had a fun day out recording at the magnificent Newbattle Abbey (build in the 11th century) with the Scottish Folk band, The Linties. Morag, Iyaah and Stuart did backing vocals on a new song of mine. The nicest most generous people you could meet; and great singers too. :-) Check them out at

* I've also been learning some new recording techniques and finding out how to make more 'avant-garde' music with classical composer Cluny Strachan. Cluny teaches composition at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland as well as composing music for film and television. A smart and talented man.  

A New Song: Promise That We'll Meet Again

I've written a new song called, Promise That We'll Meet Again. I wrote it as a gift to the Linties for helping me out; though reading the lyrics it's clearly connected to my mother, who passed away just before Christmas. We miss her - and always will.

Lyrics for Promise That We'll Meet Again:

Take these broken beads from my hand
Take this golden thread
Carry them with your wherever you go
and promise that we'll meet again

Spirals and spires and chapels of stone
Brothers and sisters our own
the choir is singing for those who have gone
they sing
promise that we'll meet again
promise that we'll meet again.

hold in your hand the stones and the  earth
try to follow the tracer of love now gone
talk of a silence that's deep in our heart
Peter and Rose Christina and John

So take these poems I've written for you
take these lessons learned
And we'll walk down the old road where the blackberries grow
and we'll promise that we'll meet again
and we'll promise that we'll meet again
yes we'll promise that we'll meet again

You can listen to the song here:

Songs to download

I've worked on a couple of new mixes of some songs from previous album. Feel free to download them.

Both 'Black Sky Blues' and 'Every Day Is Sunshine (I can relate to a man who's a sinner)' are available to download from my Reverbnation page:

You will need to register to download them.

Speak soon,

Sunday 6 Jan 2013

Dad - I'm, four (I mean we are all four) Rose, John, Stephen, Anne, Peter

A poem written for my dads 75th birthday:

Dad - I'm, four (I mean we are all four) Rose, John, Stephen, Anne, Peter

And I know what dad's are for
A knee to be bounced on
A shoulder to be up high on 

Or sometimes - a shoulder to scream and cry on

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four) 
And you are like the biggest tree in the forrest
Solid, rooted, always dependable
With strong branches that cover and protect

So I feel protected.

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four) 
And Dad, I want your attention - 
I am rapt - I follow you, entranced
I always want to be in your gang.

And you give me your attention and I am in your gang -  so I'm nothing but happy.

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four) 
And you are a magician - and you can fix and make anything
A seat for the bogey, a paper hat from a newspaper
A rabbit with your hands, a tissue for a snobbery nose

And I'm always breaking something - and you always fixing it.

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four) 
And you make me smile when I'm sad
like when I've been told to stop eating the the coal from the bunker
And Dad, how come when you comfort me

you can sang better than Elvis or Nat King Cole:

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Tuesday 13 Nov 2012

New Song: Sugarhill Road

A song written for Chris Paul Del Balso - thanks for your hospitality. :-)

Wednesday 8 Aug 2012

Sweeter Than A Rose

Friday 27 Apr 2012

The Innocent selling well and a getting fantastic response

"Congratulations Jim on a wonderful album The Innocent - having a wee listen now and am very touched by your sincerity throughout the album, Loving all the songs but really like Sand in our Shoes (loving your guitar playing too Jim) The more I play it, the more I'm enjoying it Jim, well done again for this musical masterpiece." Bernie Devlin

I continue to be knocked out by the feedback I've been getting to my new album. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy and got in touch. :-)

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