Come dance with me

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This is a romantic ballad about music dance, dreams and travel. Part of it seems to be about a city dweller romanticising the lifestyle of the traveler; the apparent freedom and lack of inhibitions. It is all played out in the imagination of the stay-at-homer - looking for a way ahead in their own life.

By Jim Byrne and Pat Byrne.

I watch from afar
as you move with the dance
You travel the roads
a life full of chance

You don’t know me
Do I know myself?
The stars speak so clear
and they talk of romance

And as you dance in so close
I feel the air that you move
Is there a message for me
in the steps that you choose

Ah but you don't know me
Do I know myself?
You seem so free
and romantic to me

I watch from afar
the night it moves on
I hear you laugh with your friends
I know soon you will be gone

I have memories of you
in every beat of my heart
I can still hear your dance
though I know not where you are

You never knew me
I did not know myself
Until you set me free
come dance with me

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