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Gigs: Southside Sessions and Bearpit Brothers EP launch: Monday 27 Jul 2015

11 simple songwriting tips: Saturday 17 Jan 2015

Christmas single by Jim Byrne: For we are born.. released on 10th Decemer: Monday 8 Dec 2014

Solo Gig at The Roxy, Bearpit Brothers EP available now: Tuesday 14 Jan 2014

Gig on Thursday evening Cotton Candy Music Club at The Dram, Woodlands Road, Glasgow: Tuesday 20 Aug 2013

Collaboration, Songwriting and Remixing: Sunday 10 Feb 2013

Dad - I'm, four (I mean we are all four) Rose, John, Stephen, Anne, Peter: Sunday 6 Jan 2013

New Song: Sugarhill Road: Tuesday 13 Nov 2012

Sweeter Than A Rose: Wednesday 8 Aug 2012

The Innocent selling well and a getting fantastic response: Friday 27 Apr 2012

Sand in our shoes featuring Peter Byrne on backing vocals: Saturday 14 Apr 2012

Review from Blair Millen at The Letter: Tuesday 6 Mar 2012

Fantastic launch party for new CD The Innocent: Saturday 3 Mar 2012

Oh look, The Innocent t-shirts have arrived: Tuesday 21 Feb 2012

My new CD, The Innocent - has arrived :-): Friday 17 Feb 2012

About the songs on the new album, The Innocent by Jim Byrne: Monday 13 Feb 2012

How is it possible to know what your best songs are?: Sunday 5 Feb 2012

New album, 'The Innocent' masters now complete: Thursday 12 Jan 2012

Bob Dylan autobiography review: Chronicles Volume One: Thursday 1 Dec 2011

I'm compiling a list of my favourite songs: Wednesday 9 Nov 2011

Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues: Monday 7 Nov 2011

Release an Indie Album/CD in the UK: compiling the complete to do list: Monday 31 Oct 2011

Tom Waits. Bad As Me album review by Jim Byrne: Tuesday 18 Oct 2011

Recording update: Friday 2 Sep 2011

Number 1 Uk Americana chart on Reverbnation: Sunday 14 Aug 2011

Giving Goose Bumps: Thursday 4 Aug 2011

Understanding the Basics of a Melody: Tuesday 2 Aug 2011

Finding your Melody: Monday 1 Aug 2011

A Checklist for Songwriters: Thursday 28 Jul 2011

Practice Makes Perfect: Tuesday 26 Jul 2011

Making Melody Magic: Friday 22 Jul 2011

Good songs don't need novel chord structures: Thursday 21 Jul 2011

Getting Some Perspective: Tuesday 19 Jul 2011

Placing Beats In a Bar: Tuesday 19 Jul 2011

Working on a songwriting beginners guide: Monday 18 Jul 2011

Working with Perfect Rhymes: Monday 18 Jul 2011

Getting the Basics of Rhyme Structure: Thursday 14 Jul 2011

Using Poetic Devices in Lyrics: Wednesday 13 Jul 2011

Using Alternate Picking: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Playing in Position: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Getting a Grip on Left-Hand Fingering: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Having Fun with Basic Major and Minor Chords: The "Oldies" Progression: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Paying Attention to The Sounds of Words Within a Lyric: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Starting With an Idea or Concept: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Starting With a Title: Friday 8 Jul 2011

Concept-Driven Lyrics: Wednesday 6 Jul 2011

Love Song Lyrics: Wednesday 6 Jul 2011

Writing a Great Lyric: Wednesday 6 Jul 2011

Tuning the Guitar to Itself: absolute beginners tips: Tuesday 5 Jul 2011

How to Play a Chord: absolute beginners tips: Tuesday 5 Jul 2011

You Don't Have to Read Music to Understand Guitar Notation: : absolute beginners tips: Tuesday 5 Jul 2011

Finding the inspiration zone: Monday 4 Jul 2011

Being Prepared When Inspiration Strikes: Monday 4 Jul 2011

Jim Byrne music adventures: can you help? Who's like me?: Friday 10 Jun 2011

10 facts you didn't know about the singer songwriter Jim Byrne: Thursday 12 May 2011

Who are my real influences?: Monday 28 Feb 2011

Some nice comments about 'Every Day is Sunshine': Tuesday 25 Jan 2011

Jim Byrne on Songwriting: Saturday 8 Jan 2011

My favourite albums and music from 2010: Thursday 6 Jan 2011

Every Day is Sunshine now on general release: Thursday 14 Oct 2010

About the songs on the CD, 'Every day is sunshine': Sunday 26 Sep 2010

Iona MacDonald: Thursday 23 Sep 2010

Adam Levy on songwriting: Friday 17 Sep 2010

A new songwriters website?: Wednesday 8 Sep 2010

The first album reviews are in for Every day is sunshine: Monday 6 Sep 2010

New CD launch party: Every day is sunshine: Thursday 19 Aug 2010

The road to the new CD: a musical rollercoaster: Thursday 22 Jul 2010

Chords for the song: We all need the days (When rain don't fall): Saturday 5 Jun 2010

Chords for the song The handles broken on my cup: Saturday 5 Jun 2010

London gigs and CD news: Sunday 30 May 2010

Looking forward to opening for Benny Gallagher in London on Friday 21st May: Tuesday 18 May 2010

Acoustic guitar pickers corner: beginners tips: Tuesday 11 May 2010

On these dark nights now available as a digital download: Tuesday 6 Apr 2010

Ditch the PA system and play better: Tuesday 23 Mar 2010

A couple of music career low-lights: Monday 1 Feb 2010

California calling: Wednesday 20 Jan 2010

Meeting in the physical world still tops: Wednesday 20 Jan 2010

The songwriters' dilemma?: Wednesday 6 Jan 2010

Featured in the Clydebank Post: Thursday 10 Dec 2009

Interviewed by Helen St Helen: Monday 23 Nov 2009

Playing in France, Leith Folk club and making a movie: Thursday 8 Oct 2009

You say your music is Americana Jim but what does that actually mean?: Wednesday 12 Aug 2009

Trip to London town for gigs and a wee break: Wednesday 15 Jul 2009

Dispatched to Dorris Island, West End Festival and future fun: Monday 15 Jun 2009

I'm featured artist on Friday 29 May 2009

Reflecting on Otis Gibbs, The Moonshiners and Hans Theessink: Thursday 21 May 2009

A song written to play at the Butterfly Ball - to raise fund for a memorial garden: Sunday 17 May 2009

On Celtic Music Radio live at Oran Mor: Tuesday 5 May 2009

Learning to record at home: Friday 1 May 2009

On these dark nights album reviewed by 'The Letter': Wednesday 8 Apr 2009

New songs uploaded: You always look for the good in me: Monday 23 Mar 2009

On these dark nights reviewed on Spiral Earth website: Monday 9 Feb 2009

Jinty M'Guinty's, Radio play and hello to Marti Pellow: Monday 2 Feb 2009

Songwriting and radio interview: Monday 2 Feb 2009

Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Open Stage gig and CD review: Thursday 29 Jan 2009

Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Open Stage - and Borders Bookshop: Saturday 24 Jan 2009

Hand injuries, blues stomping and in awe of Kris Drever: Saturday 17 Jan 2009

A songwriters blog: Sunday 11 Jan 2009

CD review and lots of gigs: Friday 9 Jan 2009

Sold first CD on CDBaby: Wednesday 31 Dec 2008

Ireland, Cafe gig and Martin Stephenson: Wednesday 24 Dec 2008

CD launch night: Saturday 13 Dec 2008

Radio sessions, getting lost and CDs arrive: Thursday 4 Dec 2008

Liquid Ship weirdness and CD designs: Monday 24 Nov 2008

Learning about how to release a CD: Thursday 13 Nov 2008

Recording and CD launch: Monday 10 Nov 2008

Partick Folk Club: Saturday 1 Nov 2008

Who do I sound like?: Friday 31 Oct 2008

Perthshire Amber Festival adventures: Monday 27 Oct 2008

Famous in Holland: Thursday 23 Oct 2008

Featured in folk and acoustic roots magazine Tuesday 21 Oct 2008

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What the critics said about 'Every day is sunshine' by Jim Byrne.

  • "a heady and exotic mix. " Q Magazine.
  • "..full of cinematic turns of phrase, dressed up in alluring melodies delivered by some of the most respected players on the modern-day Celtic Folk scene." UNCUT
  • Album of the week on Celtic Music Radio
  • Added to 'God's Jukebox' on Radio Two Mark Lamarr show
  • "A beautifully produced collection of Americana" The Daily Record. Four Stars
  • "Great record... a complete, compelling listen. ", Adam Levy (Songwriter/artist, guitarist with Nora Jones)
  • "ten beautiful, atmospheric songs..", Folk, Blues and beyond
  • "a fresh, original album", Eilidh Patterson (singer songwriter, vocalist with Beth Nielsen Chapman)
  • Sounding like Johnny Cash never left Folsom prison...meditations on life that'll soon sound like old friends. Spiral Earth

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