Chords for the song: The handles broken on my cup

Jonathan Brocklebank requested the chords for The handles broken on my cup. Happy to oblige. :-)

First the basic chord sequence. The song hasn't got a conventional verse chorus structure so I'll write out the entire sequence:

First line first verse
D A6 D A6 D A6 D A6

Second line first verse
D A6 D A6

(oh no, oh no ..)
G A D A6 D A6

repeat above for second verse

First change (And all the plans that we made....)
G A D G Em A D A6 D A6

First line third verse
D A6 D A6 D A6 D A6

Second line third verse
D A6 D A6

(oh no, oh no ..)
G A D A6 D D A6

Second change (And all the plans that we made....)
G A D G Em A D D7

Repeat above - but with added Bm chord and no Em
G A D Bm G A D D7

Same again but back to D A6 sequence rather than D7
G A D Bm G A

Outro D A6 D A6 D A6 D A6

Tips for playing it

The Boom ching ching boom ching ching rhythm of the verse is developed by constantly switching between the D chord and an A6 chord (barr the four high strings at the second fret) - and playing the unfretted bottom four strings in between each change. Basically you change chord from D to A6 after every bass note.

It Works like this: hold a D chord play the open D bass note (fourth string) then strum the top three notes of the chord twice - then pull the chord off to ring the unfretted notes, switch to the A6 cord - then play an the open A note (fifth string) as your bass note and strum the 4 high notes that are barred at the second fret (i.e the high notes of the A6).

You could of course just use D and A - but add that high note to the A gives a different quality to the sound.

I hadn't realised that that was how I played this song until I sat down to the write the chords out. It was surprisingly difficult figure it out. :-)

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